Recent Updates
Scheduler ReleasedApril 22nd 2018
We are excited to announce we are finally releasing the Berkeleytime Scheduler! Look for bug fixes in the near future. To submit a bug click here.
Schedule UpdatedApril 22nd 2018
We've updated our website with the Fall 2018 schedule!
Grades UpdatedOctober 14th 2017
We now have the Spring 2017 grade distribution for all your favorite classes! Check it out in the Grades tab!
What We Do
The vision of Berkeleytime is to improve the student experience at UC Berkeley through technology. From having an all-inclusive course catalog to an awesome course scheduler, we want to make Cal a little smaller for everyone.


EECS & Econ 2018
CS & Stats 2019
Product Manager
Computer Science 2019
Engineering Lead
EECS 2018
Engineering Lead

Alan Rosenthal

Applied Math & CS 2020
Full Stack Engineer
Computer Science 2019
Full Stack Engineer
Cognitive Science 2020
Design Lead
CS & ORMS 2019
Full Stack Engineer
EECS & Business 2021
Full Stack Engineer
EECS 2020
Full Stack Engineer
Past Contributors
Emily Chen
Jennifer Yu
Justin Lu
Kimya Khoshnan
Laura Harker
Mihir Patil
Niraj Amalkanti
Parsa Attari
Ronald Lee
Sanchit Bareja
Sandy Zhang
Santhosh Subramanian
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Berkeleytime recruits through the ASUC Office of the CTO at the beginning of every semester.